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Descendents of William Grieve (5 Feb 1799 - ca 1875)
and Eleanor Turnbull (18 Sep 1794 - 18 Oct 1860)

Third Immigrant Generation


15. John Henry "Jack" Grieve . Son of Patrick Turnbull Grieve & Mary Piercy. Born 4 Jun 1855 in Parish Of Manners Sutton, NB. Died 8 Aug 1925 in Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer And Lumber. Religion Presbyterian.

    Jack was born on Lot E ( with Pratt Brook running through it) on the Magaguadvic River about half-way between Thomaston Corner and Brockway.   He was a farmer and was involved in lumbering.   He was also a financier as he held a number of mortgages at various times.

    Jack was driving a team of horses when he touched one with a stick to increase speed.   The horse kicked and drove the stick against Jack's abdomen causing internal injuries.   His injuries resulted in death after several days.

    From newspaper obituary - 1925:


    John H. Grieve, Who Was Injured at Harvey a Few Days Ago, Died as Result

    John H. Grieve, of Harvey Station, passed away Satuarday night in the Victoria Hospital in this city at the age of 70 years.   Death was the result of injuries received several days ago.   Mr Grieve was driving a team of horses when he touched one with a stick which he was carrying to increase the speed.   The horse kicked and drove the stick against the driver's abdomen causing internal injuries.

    Mr Grieve is survived by his widow and two sons, Frederick and Oswald, both of Harvey; also by two daughters, Mrs Walter Hood and Mrs Roy McMullen, of Prince William Station.   Other surviving relatives are three brothers, Thomas Grieve, of Harvey, and George and Joseph Grieve of British Columbia.   He is also survived by one sister, Mrs Thomas Wilson.   There are fifteen grandchildren.   The body was taken to Harvey today.

    He married Charlotte Isabella "Belle" Coburn, daughter of Andrew Wood Cockburn (Coburn) & Elizabeth Messer, 3 Dec 1879 in Harvey, York Co., By Edward Roberts . Born 12 Oct 1857 in Harvey. Died 19 Dec 1945 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    Witnesses to marriage were James Whittle and Alice S. Coburn.

    Belle suffered a broken hip four years before her death and although operated on she was never able to walk again.

    From newspaper clipping (undated):

    Harvey Station, NB, Oct 18 -- Mrs John Grieve, who has been an invalid for the past four years when she fell and broke her hip, celebrated her 87th birthday on October 12th at her home.   She received a number of cards and presents, including a box of fruit from the W.M.S.

    From Newspaper obituary - 1945:


    Well Known Woman of Harvey Station Died in Her Eighty-eighth Year

    Harvey Station, Dec 26 -- The death occurred Wednesday evening, Dec 19, at her home, of Mrs John H. Grieve, widow of the late John H. Grieve, Harvey Station, at the age of eighty-eight years, after being an invalid for five years.

     Mrs Grieve suffered a broken hip and although operated on was never able to walk again.   She was the daughter of the late Elizabeth and Andrew Coburn.    She lived her entire life at Harvey Station, and her many friends will learn with regret of her death.   She was a member of the United Church, also the Woman's Missionary Society.   She is survived by four children, two daughters, Mrs Walter Hood and Mrs Roy McMullin, both of Upper Magaguadavic, NB, and two sons, Frederick and Oswald, of Harvey Station.   A sister, Mrs Mary Burpee, of Nashwaaksis, also twenty-two grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

    They had the following children:

  66   i.   Frederick Andrew Grieve

  67   ii.   Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Grieve

  68   iii.   Alice Bertha "Bertie" Grieve

  69   iv.   John "Oswald" Coburn Grieve