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Descendents of William Grieve (5 Feb 1799 - ca 1875)
and Eleanor Turnbull (18 Sep 1794 - 18 Oct 1860)

Second Immigrant Generation


4. William Grieve . Son of William Grieve & Eleanor Turnbull. Born 21 Oct 1825 in Selbycove, England. Died 9 Dec 1860 in Kingsclear, NB. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.

    From New Brunswick Courier, 8 Jan 1853:   "Married 30th ult., by Rev. John M. Brooke, William Grieve and Miss Rachel Lawrence, both of Kingsclear, York Co."

    PANB, #F15552, p. 141:   William Grieve Jr. to Rachael Lawrence both of Kingsclear on Dec 30, 1852, by John M. Brooke, witnesses George Grieve and Jane W. Haining.

    From land registry records, we learn that in 1844 William was living in Fredericton and bought Lot #10 containing 100 acres in the Parish of Kingsclear from George Shore of Fredericton (Indenture #12965).   This lot was granted to George Shore by the Crown and is located about half way between the Acton and Hanwell settlements.   (The lot is shown on Map 136, NB Dept. of Natural Resources Land Grant Map.)   His widow Rachel sold this Lot #10 in 1862 while living in the Parish of Kingsclear (Indenture #15789).

    Looking over William's possessions at the time of his death (pages 25 and 26, "The Grieve Saga" compiled by William (Bill) McEwen,   assisted by Jocelean Swan Hall, printed 2004, ISBN 0-9735932-0-2) it is astonishing to learn how humble the family was and that they could eke out a living farming with as few farm implements as are listed in a Probate Court submission.

    He married Rachel Lawrence, daughter of Isaac Lawrence & Hannah Burtt, 30 Dec 1852 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By Rev. Dr. John M. Brooke. Born 26 Aug 1832 in Kingsclear Parish, NB. Died After 1879.

    When William died, Rachel was left with three young sons, the older two died within a short time of their father, and youngest son John was 11 years old in the 1871 Census for the Parish of Kingsclear.

    In 1863 Rachel bought Lot #17 containing 10 acres on Sugar Island from her parents (Indenture #16065) and sold it in 1878 while still a resident of the Parish of Kingsclear (Indenture #29443).   In the same year she bought property in the Parish of Bright (formerly Douglas) (Indenture #29510).   In 1879 while a resident of the Parish of Bright, she sold her property in this Parish (Indentures 30223 & 3044431).

    The 1861 Census for the Parish of Kingsclear shows Rachel with her sons David (5 yrs.) and Joseph J. (18 mo.) living on a farm containing 50 acres of improved land and 150 acres of unimproved land.   She was enumerated as building #34 while her parents were #33 and her brother Isaac Jr., a teacher, as #35.   This 200 acres may have belonged to her father or another family member as no record was found of Rachel buying or selling this land.

    No further information was found on Rachel, she may have moved to USA.

    They had the following children:

  20   i.   William Isaac Grieve

  21   ii.   David Lawrence Grieve

  22   iii.   John Joseph Grieve