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Descendents of George Embleton (1776 - 1833)
and Margaret Davidson (1782 - 1836)

First Immigrant Generation (includes some children who did not emigrate)

4. William Embleton . Son of George Embleton & Margaret Davidson. Born 1806 in Eng. Died 1808 in Wooler, Eng. First son of George and Margaret Embleton.   William died at age 2 years.



5. William Embleton . Son of George Embleton & Margaret Davidson. Born 28 Dec 1810 in Wooler, England. Christen 10 Mar 1811. Died 1 Dec 1875 in Harvey Sta. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    William and wife Jane Runchman with their sons George and James emigrated to New Brunswick in 1837 from Northumberland, England, with the first settlers of Harvey.   They settled on Lot 5W, a hillside lot.   The 1861 census lists William as a farmer/carpenter.   He employed two males and one female, owned or occupied 30 acres improved land and 15 acres unimproved.   Cash value of farm was 80 pounds, value of implements and machinery was 4 pounds.   He had one horse, 2 milch cows, 3 other neat cattle, 10 sheep, 2 swine, and slaughtered 300 lb. pork.   Produced 120 lb. butter, 25 lb. wool, 8 tons hay, 130 bu. oats, 60 bu. buckwheat and 60 bu. potatoes.


   William and Jane had ten children.

    Copied from article about Haugh Head, Wooler in local Berwick newspaper (contained in letter to Ewen Herbert, Australia, from Eric Herbert, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 9 Mar 2002): ".....Life in 1837 must have been hard.   In this year William Embleton, who ran a joiner's shop at Haugh Head decided to risk crossing the North Atlantic with his young family to settle in Canada.   Along with his brother-in-law Thomas Herbert from Coldgate Mill they joined the sailing ship 'Cornelius' at Berwick and with a group of other emigrants from Glendale and Tweedside made the hazardous crossing to New Brunswick, where their descendents still live, in a district named by them Tweedside."


    From E. E. Lister:   "The archives in Berwick listed William Embleton, born Dec 28, 1810 and christened March 10, 1811.   His father was George Embleton, Joiner, from Longframington and mother Margaret, daughter of William Davidson, Shepherd."


    He married Jane Runchman, 1832 in England. Born 1812 in England. Died 9 May 1886 in Harvey Sta. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    Unsure who Jane's parents were, but it is quite possible that her father's name was James Runchman, and her mother's name was Cherry--maiden name unknown.   There was a Cherry Runchman who immigrated to Harvey in 1842 with her son Edward Runchman and granddaughter Margaret Runchman.   Cherry was born approximately 1774/1777 (Age in 1851 Census was 77 and age in 1861 census was 83 years) and died 13 Jan 1866, at age 88 years.


    They had the following children:

  20   i.   George Embleton

  21   ii.   James Embleton

  22   iii.   Cherry Jane Embleton

  23   iv.   Margaret Isabella Embleton

  24   v.   Mary Christine Embleton

  25   vi.   Eleanor "Ellen" Embleton

  26   vii.   Elizabeth "Lizzie" Embleton

  27   viii.   William Embleton

  28   ix.   Christina Davidson Embleton

  29   x.   Amelia Emily "Amy" Embleton



6. Mary Embleton . Daughter of George Embleton & Margaret Davidson. Born 1811 in Eng. Died in Eng.

     Mary and her husband Joseph Smith lived in England.   Probably the only member of their family to come to Canada was their son William Walter Embleton Smith, who married and settled in Harvey Settlement.


    She married Joseph Smith, 1828 in Haughhead, Eng. Born 1801 in Alnwick, Eng. Died in Alnwick, Eng.

    They had the following children:

  30   i.   Alice Smith

  31   ii.   William Smith

  32   iii.   Andrew Smith

  33   iv.   George Smith

  34   v.   Margaret Smith

  35   vi.   William Walter Embleton Smith