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Descendants of Nichol Gass (1801 - Apr 1878)
and Jean Copeland (1803 - 1872)

Three generation Gass genealogy in a single pdf or MS Word file.

Link to maps showing relative concentration of the
Gass surname in the United Kingdom in 1881 and 1998.

First Generation

1. Nichol Gass . Born 1801 in Scotland. Died Apr 1878 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.


    The surname is spelled "Goss" in some areas of the province, but in the Harvey area it is "Gass".

    Unknown exact date when Nichol Gass and his wife Jean Copeland came to Harvey, they are not in the 1851 Census but are in the 1861 Census.   In the 1861 Census Nichol was 60 years old, farmer, Presbyterian, and born in Scotland; and Jean was 58 years old, born in Scotland.  


    No documented proof of number of children, but they are listed as believed to be.   (More research needs to be done to confirm.)

    From the Chignecto Post, Sackville, NB, 25 Apr 1878:

    "While Nicholas Gass of Manners Sutton was driving a boar pig into his pen, the other day he was turned upon by the ferocious animal which bit him, inflicting a wound from which he bled to death in a few minutes."


    (Note:   The gravestone in Harvey Settlement Cemetery gives Nichol's death year as 1871, and possibly the gravestone was placed in the cemetery at a later date and the correct death date was perhaps 1878.)

    He married Jean Copeland. Born 1803 in Scotland. Died 1872 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.


    They had the following children:

  2   i.   Thomas Gass

  3   ii.   Joseph Gass

  4   iii.   Jane Gass

  5   iv.   Janet Gass

  6   v.   Isabella Editha Gass