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Descendents of Unknown Johnston
and Christina Heughan (ca 1803 - 22 Feb 1875)

Third Immigrant Generation
Entry last updated 10 Feb 2008

14. Jennette "Janet" Johnston. Daughter of Christopher Johnston & Agnes "Nancy" Bell. Born 9 Jun 1861 in Harvey. Died 2 Jan 1890 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.


    She married John Robert Burrell, son of Robert Burrell & Ann Piercy, 3 Apr 1884 in St. Paul's, Fredericton By Rev. A. J. Mowatt, Presbyterian. Born 10 Mar 1861 in Harvey. Died 10 Jul 1892 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    From The Daily Telegraph, Saint John, 5 Apr 1884: "Married St. Paul's Manse, Fredericton (York Co.) 3rd inst., by Rev. A. J. Mowatt, John Burrell and Miss Jennette Johnston, both of Manners Sutton."

    Witnesses to marriage were Alexander Burrell and Ellen Coburn.

    From The Gleaner, Fredericton, 21 Mar 1890:   "Harvey Station (York Co.) March 18 -- The Burrell Bros., John Burrell and William Burrell will start for Oregon on Thursday."


    From The Gleaner, Fredericton, 11 Aug 1890:   "Harvey Station (York Co.) Aug 8 -- John Burrell, former resident of Harvey and in the employment of N.B. Railway, went to Oregon last spring and sends accounts from that place to his friends.   He is working on the largest bridge in the state across the Cowetchin River."


    From The Gleaner, Fredericton, 16 Jul 1891: "John Burrell and William Burrell have returned from British Columbia to visit their old home at Manners Sutton (York Co.)"

    Jennette "Janet" and Robert had the following children:

  53   i.   Agnes Burrell

  54   ii.   Anna Burrell