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Descendents of Unknown Johnston
and Christina Heughan (ca 1803 - 22 Feb 1875)

Third Immigrant Generation
Entry last updated 10 Feb 2008

9. Mary Ann Coburn . Daughter of Thomas Cockburn (Coburn) & Nancy Johnston. Born 17 Jan 1859 in Harvey. Died 17 Jul 1908 in Harvey.


    She married Alexander Little, son of Matthew Little & Isabel Hay, 12 Dec 1877 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By John M. Brooke. Born 22 Mar 1854 in Harvey. Died 10 Feb 1930 in Lethbridge, Alberta.


   From Daily Telegraph, 14 Dec 1877:   "Married 12th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, Alexander Little and Mary Ann Coburn, both of Manners Sutton, York Co."


    Witnesses to marriage in 1877 were Albert Little and Thomas Wilson.


     Alex's first wife, Mary Ann Coburn, died of tuberculosis, and his second wife, Georgie Nesbitt, died of premature child birth.   Alex lived at York Mills and had an excelsior mill, and he and his son Roy rebuilt the Woolen Mill.   This family moved to Alberta, and Alex died in Lethbridge, Alberta.   Alex and Mary Ann had nine children, four died of tuberculosis and one died in World War I.

    Copied from newspaper obituary (1930)



    Brockway, Feb. 17 -- Word has been received here of the death at Lethbridge, Alta., of Alexander Little, former owner and operator of the Woollen Mills at York Mills.   Mr Little was a native of Harvey, York County, but moved west some years ago with his family, of whom there are three sons and one daughter living from a family of nine.   He had returned to Alberta early last fall from a visit here and had many friends in this community, who regret to hear of his passing.

    They had the following children:

  34   i.   Roy Little

  35   ii.   Delbert Little

  36   iii.   Jennie Little

  37   iv.   Mabel Little

  38   v.   Gray Little

  39   vi.   Roxie Little

  40   vii.   Burns Little

  41   viii.   Nellie Ray Little

  42   ix.   Rex Little