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Descendents of Unknown Johnston
and Christina Heughan (ca 1803 - 22 Feb 1875)

Second Immigrant Generation
Entry last updated 10 Feb 2008

4. Christopher Johnston . Son of Mr Johnston & Christina A. Heughan. Born 15 Aug 1837 in Three Wells, Scotland. Died 15 Apr 1918 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


    Birth date from 1901 Census for Manners Sutton.

    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1916 --


    Christopher Johnston

    Harvey Station, April 17 -- Christopher Johnston, one of the oldest residents of this parish, died at his home at Coburn on Saturday morning.   He was in the eightieth year of his age and enjoyed remarkably good health up to a few months ago.   For the last twenty-three days of his life he was unable to take any nourishment of any kind except small quantities of water, but retained strength in a remarkable manner.   He was a native of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, and came to Harvey early in life.   For upwards of sixty years he has carried on farming at Coburn, and was one of the leading farmers in that prosperous section of the parish.   His sons are Luke Johnston, residing here; Thos Johnston, of McAdam; and Albert, at home.   His daughters are Mrs Robert Embleton, residing here and Mrs James McCann of McAdam.   He was a man of genial disposition and had many friends here and elsewhere who will regret to learn of his death.

    He married Agnes "Nancy" Bell, daughter of William Bell & Janet Oliver, 16 Mar 1858 in Harvey Presbyterian Church By Rev. Samuel Johnson. Born 16 Oct 1839 in Harvey. Died 9 Feb 1903 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

     Birth date from 1901 Census for Manners Sutton.


    From York Co NB Marriage Register C 1850-1866 (PANB):   Witnesses to marriage were Geo Lister and C. F. Lister.


    They had the following children:

  13   i.   Luke Craig Johnston

  14   ii.   Jennette "Janet" Johnston

  15   iii.   Thomas Coburn Johnston

  16   iv.   Christina Johnston

  17   v.   Jane "Agnes" Johnston

  18   vi.   Mary Ann Johnston

  19   vii.   William Johnston

  20   viii.   Georgina "Georgie" Johnston

  21   ix.   Margaret Ellen Johnston

  22   x.   Charles Johnston

  23   xi.   John Albert "Ab" Johnston

  24   xii.   Florence Johnston

  25   xiii.   Grace Johnston