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Descendents of Marshall Robison I (1787 - 11 Apr 1862)
and Jane Dickson (1788 - 8 Oct 1871)

Third Immigrant Generation

59. Albert Robison . Son of Stephen Robison & Eleanor "Jane" Herbert. Born 7 Mar 1876 in Harvey Sta., York Co., NB. Died 2 Mar 1970 in Harvey Community Hospital. Buried in Robison Family Cemetery, Harvey Sta.

    Not married.   Died 2 Mar 1970, age 93 yr 11 mo 23 days, at Harvey Community Hospital.

60. Grace Robison . Daughter of Stephen Robison & Eleanor "Jane" Herbert. Born 6 Jan 1878 in Harvey. Died 1960.

    Five children:   Josephine, George Sterling, Stephen Edward, Ellenor and Alfred Earl, all born in Alberta.

    She married Maunsell Sterling Tracy, 29 Jan 1907 in York Co., NB . Born 1881 in Harvey Sta. Died 1965.


    They had the following children:

  225   i.   Josephine Tracy

  226   ii.   George Sterling Tracy

  227   iii.   Stephen Edward Tracy

  228   iv.   Ellenor Tracy

  229   v.   Alfred Earl Tracy

61. Emma Robison . Daughter of Stephen Robison & Eleanor "Jane" Herbert. Born 24 Nov 1879 in Harvey. Died 14 Oct 1948 in Portland, ME in the house where she lived on Baxter Boulevard. Buried in Forest City Cemetery, South Portland.


    Three children: Ruth Eleanor, Agnes, and Mary Hughetta, all born in Portland, Maine.


    She married John Armour Saunders, 8 Nov 1904 in Harvey Presbyterian Church Records. Born 16 Apr 1880 in Salem or Havelock, NB. Died 4 Sep 1933 in Harvey Station, where he had been visiting from his home in South Portland, ME. Buried in Forest City Cemetery, South Portland.

In an email message dated 16 Oct 2006 John Saunders granddaughter Elin Lee (daughter of Mary Hughetta Saunders) reports that his death occurred "in the front corner room of the house at Campburn Farm in Harvey where nearly all the family births and deaths occurred. (Marlene MacMillan told me that the room, which I’ve slept in several times, became known as the Death Chamber because the deaths eventually outnumbered the births.) The Saunders family---John, Emma, Ruth, Agnes and Mary---were all vacationing at Campburn Farm when Grampa was stricken with a heart attack. He was too sick to live through the long drive home to Portland. He lived a few days, I think close to two weeks, lovingly attended by his wife and daughters, and died in the Death Chamber---the same room where Emma had been born in 1879. My mother, Mary, and Aunt Ruth, both long gone now, told me about taking turns driving home to Portland, how they all cried all the way from Campburn to the border, and for some reason stopped crying as soon as they got into Maine! I believe Grampa’s body was shipped by train, but I’m not sure."


    They had the following children:

  230   i.   Ruth Eleanor Saunders

  231   ii.   Agnes Saunders

  232   iii.   Mary Hughetta Saunders

62. Alfred Robison . Son of Stephen Robison & Eleanor "Jane" Herbert. Born 1881 in Harvey.

    Died in childhood.