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Descendents of Marshall Robison I (1787 - 11 Apr 1862)
and Jane Dickson (1788 - 8 Oct 1871)

Third Immigrant Generation

20. Catherine "Kitty" Atcheson . Daughter of Andrew Atcheson & Margery Robison. Born 1846 in Harvey. Christen 25 Apr 1846 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy . Died 18 Nov 1918 in 784 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC. Buried 21 Nov 1918 in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver.

    Copied from newspaper obituary:

    Mrs Thomas Coburn

    Harvey Station, Nov 29 -- Letters have been received here from Vancouver telling of the death of Mrs Catherine Coburn, wife of Thomas Coburn, which occurred there on November 18.   She was a native of Harvey and was a daughter of Andrew Atcheson, one of the pioneers of the settlement.   She was in the seventy-fourth year of her age.   She formerly resided at Manners Sutton, where her husband carried on a general store, but they went to Houlton about twenty-five years ago and a few years afterwards went to British Columbia.   She is survived by her husband, one son and one daughter, also by two sisters, Mrs John Piercy of Comox, BC, and Mrs Ellen McCullough, residing here.   Many of the older residents here remember her very well and esteemed her highly.

    She married Thomas Coburn, son of George Cockburn (Coburn) & Mary Piercy, 2 Jan 1874 in York Co., NB By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born Approx 1845 in Harvey. Christen 25 Jan 1846 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 9 Sep 1919 in Harvey, NB. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    From the Daily Telegraph, 9 January 1874:    "Married by Rev Samuel Johnson, at residence of bride's father, 2nd int., Thomas Cockburn and Miss Catherine Atcheson, all of Harvey."


    Witnesses to the marriage were W. M. Atchison and Hannah Atchison.

    Thomas and Catherine operated a general store in Harvey for a number of years (In 1881 Census Thomas is listed as a storekeeper, and in 1891 Census he is a farmer), then moved to Houlton, Maine, approximately 1893, and lived there for a few years then moved to Vancouver, BC, about 1896.   Thomas died 9 Sep 1919, age 73, kidney trouble (CR) while in Harvey on a visit.   Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery but no gravestone.   His wife died in Vancouver in 1918.


    They had the following children:

  94   i.   George Walter Coburn

  95   ii.   Andrew Lambert "Bert" Coburn

  96   iii.   Ella   Maud Coburn

  97   iv.   Ida May Coburn

21. William Marshall "Bill" Atcheson . Son of Andrew Atcheson & Margery Robison. Born Approx 1847 in Harvey. Christen 7 Nov 1847 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Houlton.


    Bill and Lizzie lived in Harvey until 1890, then moved to Houlton, Maine.   They had seven children, all born in Harvey.

     Bill and Lizzie are buried in family lot at Evergreen Cemetery, Houlton.


    From New Brunswick Reporter, 10 Apr 1872:   "Married Manse of St. Paul's, 4th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, William M. Atchison and Miss Elizabeth Barkely (sic), both of Manners Sutton, York Co."

    Witnesses to marriage were Thomas Cockburn and Isabella Harvey.


    He married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Berkeley, daughter of Mr Berkeley & Elizabeth Nesbitt, 4 Apr 1872 in Fredericton . Born 29 Apr 1847 in Isle Of Wight. Died Mar 1932 in Houlton, Maine. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Houlton.

    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1932:

    Died in Houlton, Mrs Elizabeth Atchison Passes--Was Married in Fredericton in 1872.

Houlton, Me., March 31 -- Friends of Mrs Elizabeth Atchison will be sorry to learn of her death, which occurred Tuesday following a weeks illness of the grippe.   She was born 85 years ago April 29, 1847, on the Isle of Wight off the English coast.

    Following the death of her father in the Crimean war she came at the age of six years with her mother to Saint John, N.B., later settling in Harvey, N.B.   She was married at Fredericton, April 4, 1872 to Wm Atchison, of Harvey, coming to Houlton to live 42 years ago.   She was a woman of fine Christian character and beloved by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.   She attended the Presbyterian Church and was active in church work as long as her health permitted.


    Surviving are two daughters, Mrs Elmer Weston, of East Hodgdon, and Mrs Frank Gorham, Pleasant street; four sons, Andrew, of Sardis, B.C.; T. Edwin, of Ludlow Road; J. Winfred, Watson avenue and J. Berkeley, Pleasant street, also sixteen grandchildren and one great grand child.


    Funeral services were held at her home Thursday afternoon at 2:00 at her home, Rev. W. G. Kirschbaum officiating.   Interment will be made in the family lot at Evergreen Cemetery.

    They had the following children:

  98   i.   Elizabeth "Ada" Atcheson

  99   ii.   Andrew Livingston Atcheson

  100   iii.   Isaac Berkeley "Bert" Atcheson

  101   iv.   John Winfred "Fred" Atcheson

  102   v.   Dora Maud Atcheson

  103   vi.   Thomas "Edwin" Atcheson

  104   vii.   Annie McLean Atcheson