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Descendents of Marshall Robison I (1787 - 11 Apr 1862)
and Jane Dickson (1788 - 8 Oct 1871)

Third Immigrant Generation

13. Elizabeth Robison . Daughter of William Robison & Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn). Born 9 Sep 1856 in Harvey.

    Elizabeth had three sons and two daughters.   No further information available.

    She married Mr March.

14. William Robison II . Son of William Robison & Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn). Born 10 Jun 1859 in Harvey.

    William lived in Pennsylvania.   His wife, Cassie Ball, was twin sister of Hattie (wife of John).   They had one son, John Robison.


    He married Cassie Ball.

15. Margaret Atcheson . Daughter of Andrew Atcheson & Margery Robison. Born Before 1837 in England. Died Before 1840 in England.

16. Jane A. Atcheson . Daughter of Andrew Atcheson & Margery Robison. Born 1838 in England. Died 20 Dec 1916 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    From Daily Telegraph, 12 Nov 1864: "Married Harvey, York Co., Wednesday, 9th inst., by Rev. Samuel Johnson, David Glendenning and Jane, eldest daughter of Andrew Atchison."


    PANB, #F15552, p. 566:   David Glendenning to Jane Atchison on Nov 9, 1864 by Samuel Johnson, witnesses George Grant and Mary Ann Atchison.

    Copied from newspaper obituary:

    Mrs Jane Glendenning

    Harvey Station, Dec 21 -- Mrs Jane Glendenning, wife of David Glendenning, of this place, died at her home here early last evening.   She has been in failing health for several months and confined to her bed most of the time.   She was thought to be gaining in strength for the last few days and able to be up at times, but as her daughter, Mrs W. G. Chamberlain, of Fort Fairfield, who has been with her this week, was sitting by her bedside conversing with her, she passed very peacefully away.   She had been speaking only a few minutes before.


    About twelve years ago she suffered from an affection of the eyes, which left her totally blind, but she had otherwise been in good health until about a year ago.   She was in the seventy-ninth year of her age.   She was the eldest daughter of Andrew Atcheson, one of the pioneers of Harvey, and came here from Berwick, Eng., with her parents in the year 1842.   She is survived by her husband, one son and three daughters.   Her son is John A. Glendenning, an official in the freight department of the B. and M. railway, Boston; her daughter, Mrs Chamberlain, wife of Dr. W. G. Chamberlain, of Fort Fairfield; Miss M. M. Glendenning, of this place, and Mrs Guy Meldrum, of Los Angeles, Cal.   She is also survived by four sisters, Mrs John Piercy and Mrs Thomas Coburn, residing in British Columbia, and Mrs Ellen McCulloch and Miss Hannah Atcheson, residing here.   The funeral will take place on Sunday.

    She married David Glendenning, 9 Nov 1864 in Harvey, York Co., NB . Born Approx 1840 in Richibucto, Kent Co. Died 19 Oct 1918 in Harvey. Buried 22 Oct 1918 in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation School Teacher, General Store, Postmaster.

    Copied from newspaper obituary:

    David Glendenning

    Harvey Station, N.B., Oct 21 -- David Glendenning, an old and well known resident of this place, died at his home here on Saturday night.   He had a paralytic stroke over a year ago and has been in failing health since that time, but was able to be around until a few weeks ago.   He was a native of Richibucto, Kent County, and was in the 79th year of his age. He came to Harvey about fifty-five years ago and taught school for some time.   He afterwards conducted a general store which he opened at the Station shortly after the railway was built and which he carried on until a short time ago.   In his earlier years he took a prominent part in public affairs.   For many years he represented this parish at the York county council, and was postmaster at the station for upwards of twenty-five years.   He was a man of sterling character, strictly honest and upright in his dealings and had many friends here and elsewhere.   He is survived by one son, John A. Glendenning, of Medford, Mass., and three daughters, Maud, wife of Dr. W. G. Chamberlain, of Fort Fairfield, Me.; Ida, wife of Guy Meldrum, of Los Angeles, Cal., and Miss Minnie Glendenning of this place.   One brother and three sisters also survive him.   They are Walter Glendenning, of Louisville, Westmorland county; Mrs Agnes Parkhill, of Rexton, Kent county; Mrs Margaret Smith, of Moncton, and Mrs Jane Baily, residing in Boston.

    They had the following children:

  70   i.   Marjory Jane "Maud" Glendenning

  71   ii.   Minna May Glendenning

  72   iii.   John Andrew Glendenning

  73   iv.   Ida Laura Glendenning