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Descendents of Thomas Speedy (14 Oct 1815- 26 Jan 1900)
and Isabella Patterson (9 Nov 1815 - 26 Nov 1888)

Third Immigrant Generation

25. Isabella "Belle" Grieve . Daughter of Henry "Harry" Grieve & Margaret Speedy. Born 26 Jan 1862 in Harvey. Died 15 Nov 1957 in St. Joseph's Hospital, Comox, BC. Buried in Courtenay Civic Cemetery, Section A.


   Isabella was born in New Brunswick and moved to Vancouver Island with her parents, siblings and other relatives, and the Piercy family in 1875.


    Isabella was one of the oldest old-timers in the Comox Valley at the time of her death at age 96.   Belle and Sam had a large family.


    She married Samuel Johnson Piercy, son of Matthew Piercy & Agnes Moffitt, 28 Jan 1884 in Victoria, B.C. Born 23 Dec 1855 in Harvey, NB. Died 30 Dec 1914 in Los Angeles, California. Buried 7 Jan 1915 in Courtenay Civic Cemetery, Section A. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.


    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1914:

    Funeral of S. J. Piercy

    Mr S. J. Piercy was born in New Brunswick in the year 1855.   His parents came from the Old Country and settled in N.B. in the year 1837.   There was a large family of children, some which still live in the east.   In 1875, Mr Piercy came to Comox and settled on "Oak Hill" farm, where he lived to his death.


    He was a successful farmer and an obliging neighbour, and took a deep interest in the welfare of the community.   Failing health compelled him, in company with Mrs Piercy, to seek the warmer climate of California, but in vain, for on Dec 30th, he quietly passed away in Los Angeles.   His remains were brought to Comox for interment, which took place on Jan 7th.   In spite of the very inclement weather a very large company of people assembled at the home of the deceased, and the Courtenay L.O.L. of which Mr Piercy was a member, turned out in a body to pay their last respects to their deceased Bro.


    St. Andrew's Presbyterian church was filled to overflowing by a congregation which listened with wrapt attention to the solemn and impressive service, conducted by Rev. Thos. Menzies, after which the body was interred, with Mr Menzies officiating for the church, which was followed by the service of the Orange Association.


    He leaves to mourn his loss, his widow, Mrs Piercy, and five children, Mrs Annard, Mrs J. W. McKenzie Jr., Matt, Ethel, and Edna, besides two sisters living in N.B., a brother, Mr John Piercy, of Courtenay, two sisters, Mrs Jos. McPhee, of Courtenay, and Mrs W. H. Grieve, of Sandwick.


    Among those who attended the funeral were Mr Isaac Grieve, of Kamloops, Mr and Mrs Isaac Parkin, of Nanaimo, and Mrs Woodus of Oyster River.


    Notes from the book, "Piercy -- A Family Tree, 1814 - 1979":

    Sam and Isabella, his parents and a brother and family moved into the first frame house in the district.   He was an industrious pioneer and cleared land to build a large home and farm on the lower Sandwick Road, where they raised seven children; two sons and five daughters surviving the original eleven born.


    He had a dairy, stock animals, fine horses and farm produce which made a good living for the family.   Most of the early Sandwick teachers boarded there, enjoying the good farm fare and the happy, well organized home.   It was the gathering place of the community, full of hospitality and good times.


    He and his father deeded an acre of land on the hill which is part of the cemetery and helped the pioneers build the church which is now restored.   He was an elder there for many years.


    They had the following children:

  121   i.   Agnes Margaret "Maggie" Piercy

  122   ii.   Sarah "Fanny" Piercy

  123   iii.   Matthew Fraser Piercy

  124   iv.   Ellen Isabelle Piercy

  125   v.   Mary Jane "Maida" Piercy

  126   vi.   Alvin Henry Piercy

  127   vii.   Ethel Annie Piercy

  128   viii.   Archie Lister Piercy

  129   ix.   Edna Adeline Piercy

  130   x.   Jean Piercy \


26. Joseph Turnbull Grieve . Son of Henry "Harry" Grieve & Margaret Speedy. Born 30 May 1864 in Harvey. Christen 17 Jul 1865 in St. Paul's Church Records, Fredericton. Died 20 Dec 1894 in Courtenay, BC. Buried in Family Farm, Courtenay, BC. Occupation Farmer, Butcher.


   Joseph died of blood poisoning from a cut finger and was buried on the family farm right in Courtenay--they owned a dairy farm.   Joseph and his wife Adeline had five children.


   He married Adeline Cessford, daughter of Robert Cessford & Margaret Nesbitt, 21 Dec 1886 in Victoria, BC. Born 8 Oct 1870 in Harvey. Died 13 Oct 1931 in Aberdeen Nursing Home,   Victoria, BC.


   After her first husband, Joseph Turnbull Grieve, died Adeline married James Harlem Teed, but he didn't stay around long, leaving Adeline with her five children to raise alone.


   Joseph and Adeline had the following children:

  131   i.   Margaret Nesbitt "Maggie" Grieve

  132   ii.   Robert Grieve

  133   iii.   Henry "Harry" Grieve

  134   iv.   Vera Minnie Grieve

  135   v.   Charles "Charlie" Grieve


27. Ellen Jane Grieve . Daughter of Henry "Harry" Grieve & Margaret Speedy. Born 15 Jun 1866 in Harvey. Died 14 Dec 1894.