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Descendents of Thomas Speedy (14 Oct 1815- 26 Jan 1900)
and Isabella Patterson (9 Nov 1815 - 26 Nov 1888)

Third Immigrant Generation

39. Jane Eleanor "Janie" Speedy . Daughter of William A. Speedy & Mary Ann Moffitt. Born 19 Jun 1870 in Harvey. Christen in Harvey Presbyterian Church. Died 28 Jun 1965 in McAdam. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.

    For details of this family see "The Moffitts of Harvey Settlement, New Brunswick 1791-1991" by Emerson Moffitt.


    From newspaper item, undated (but possibly 1961):

    Oldest Voting Resident In McAdam Recalls Early Memories Of Community.

    McAdam (Special) -- A McAdam woman, who remembers way back before the turn of the century, has marked her 91st birthday.


    Living with a son, George Lister and his wife Mary and family, in the same house she and her husband built in 1907, Mrs George Lister Sr. still enjoys good health and her short jaunts for a friendly chat to the homes of nearby neighbors.


    The former Janie Speedy, she was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs William, Mary Anne (Moffitt) Speedy, of Harvey Station.   She is the head of an 88-member family, made up of five daughters, three of whom are living, and four sons, 31 grandchildren and 48 great-grandchildren.


    At 19, 'Janie' as she is known to her host of friends became the bride of George A. Lister in December of 1889.   They resided at York Mills during the early years of their marriage, coming to McAdam in 1906 when Mr Lister entered the employ of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company here as a carman.   He died in 1939.


    Despite the fact that she was a hard worker during her younger days, Janie enjoys fairly good health.   She gave birth to her nine children at home with only a midwife attending her.   Indeed in all her 91 years she has only had need of a doctor's services twice and boasts of never having been in a hospital.


    During her active younger years, Mrs Lister ran a successful boarding house which kept her busy, but she always found time for her favorite occupation of quilting and crocheting, turning out beautiful work.   A slight failing in sight necessitated her giving this up three years ago.


    Asked about her early memories of McAdam, Mrs Lister said she and her husband were among the first to settle here, coming by horse and sled.   That was the only means of transportation in those days, she said.   Horse and sled in the winter and wagon in the summer.   There were very few homes or families here then, she said, a far cry from the population of over 3000 now.   There were no real roads, more like cleared, rutted lanes, wide enough for wagons.   It has been quite an experience for her to watch the tiny village grow and expand.


    At the last election, Janie, who has never failed to vote since she was first eligible, was the oldest voting resident in the community.


    She is a charter member of the Ina Rebekah Lodge No. 68 and is always remembered by them at Christmas.

    She is still very alert and active, only last week attending the wedding of one of her grandchildren and receiving many compliments on the attractive appearance she presented in her wedding finery.


    On the occasion of her birthday, Janie was visited by her many relatives and friends and also received many gifts and congratulatory cards and messages.


    Members of her immediate family are Gordon Lister, Moncton; Emma, Mrs Roy McKinley, Woodstock; Lenwood Lister, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Dorothy, Mrs H. K. Byce, Duncan, British Columbia; George Lister and Leta, Mrs Jack Vail, McAdam.   Two daughters, Nettie and Doris, and a son Roy, died several years ago.


    She married George Irvine "Dode" Lister, son of David Lister & Jessie Torrance, 16 Dec 1891 in Harvey Presbyterian Church, York Co.. Born 20 Jul 1867 in Harvey. Christen 21 Oct 1867 in St. Paul's Church Records, Fredericton. Died 18 May 1948 in McAdam. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.   (Dates on gravestone:   1866 - 1947)


    They had the following children:

  167   i.   Gordon Bedford Lister

  168   ii.   Nettie Maud Lister

  169   iii.   Roy Penfield Lister

  170   iv.   Emma Idella Lister

  171   v.   Lenwood Albert Lister

  172   vi.   Doris Marguerite Lister

  173   vii.   George Alexander Lister

  174   viii.   Dorothy Lister

  175   ix.   Leta Mary Jane Lister



40. John Alexander Speedy . Son of William A. Speedy & Mary Ann Moffitt. Born 20 Mar 1872 in Harvey. Died 1886.


41. Margaret Isabella "Maggie" Speedy . Daughter of William A. Speedy & Mary Ann Moffitt. Born 12 Mar 1875 in Harvey. Christen in Harvey Presbyterian Church. Died 24 Aug 1905. Buried in Haarvey Settlement Cemetery.


     Information on this family from "The Moffitts of Harvey Settlement, New Brunswick 1791-1991" by Emerson Moffitt.


    She married Joseph Burnham.

    They had the following children:

  176   i.   Charles Burnham

  177   ii.   Gladys Burnham

  178   iii.   Raymond Burnham

  179   iv.   Harold Burnham

  180   v.   Marguerite Burnham