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Descendents of Thomas Speedy (14 Oct 1815- 26 Jan 1900)
and Isabella Patterson (9 Nov 1815 - 26 Nov 1888)

Second Immigrant Generation

7. Jane Speedy . Daughter of Thomas Speedy & Isabella Patterson. Born 7 Sep 1846 in Harvey. Christen 25 Oct 1846 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 29 Mar 1939 in Denman Island, B.C.


Undated photograph of Jane Speedy (b. 7 Sep 1846, Harvey Settlement; d.29 Mar 1933, Denman Is., BC).

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    Jane and her husband Thomas H. Piercy moved to British Columbia in 1875.   The oldest four of their eleven children were born in N.B.   Further information on this family in "A Family Tree - Piercy - 1814-1979" Printed by Copy Cat Graphics Inc., Courtenay, B.C.


    She married Thomas H. Piercy, son of Matthew Piercy & Agnes Moffitt, 11 Mar 1867 in Waverley House, Fredericton By Rev. Dr. John M. Brooke . Born 29 Aug 1838 in Harvey, NB. Died 11 Dec 1904 in Denman Island, B.C.


    From New Brunswick Reporter, Fredericton,   15 Mar 1867:   "Married Waverley House, 11th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, Thos H. Piercy and Miss Jane Speedy, both of Manners Sutton, York Co."


    Witnesses to marriage were Will McMillan and Margaret Piercy.

    Thomas and Jane with their oldest four children, moved to Gartley Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in 1875 with other members of the Piercy family.   They spent the first winter with the Gartley family and then moved to a little place called Beechams on the east of the Back Road.   >From   there they moved to the Muster's place and shared a large frame house with the families of Sam, Matt, and John Piercy.   The Tom Piercy family moved to Denman Island after several years pre-empting a tract of land on the west side of the island.   John Piercy pre-empted the adjoining section.   The Piercy children walked four miles through dense forest to attend school.   In 1883 they moved back to Comox to be nearer relatives and school.   In 1888 they returned to Denman.   Tom was a true pioneer of Denman being the first Justice of the Peace and first road foreman.   He was involved in planning improvements for roads, school, church and logging.   He also tended the lighthouse at Yellow Rock.   In 1902 he was appointed Postmaster and the post office was in their home.


    They had the following children:

  50   i.   Matthew Alexander Piercy

  51   ii.   Isabella Piercy

  52   iii.   Elizabeth Selena "Lena" Piercy

  53   iv.   Thomas "Wesley" Piercy

  54   v.   John Frederick Piercy

  55   vi.   Margaret Agnes Piercy

  56   vii.   Harvey Wilson Piercy

  57   viii.   James Walter B. Piercy

  58   ix.   Mary Ellen Jane Piercy

  59   x.   Edward Irvine Piercy

  60   xi.   Rose Lavina Piercy

8. John Speedy . Son of Thomas Speedy & Isabella Patterson. Born 19 Mar 1848 in Harvey. Christen 28 May 1848 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 2 Jan 1938.


   Went to Minneapolis, U.S.A.


    He married Eleanor Palmer. Died 12 Sep 1925 in Harvey.


    From Harvey Presbyterian Church Records:   Eleanor Speedy died 12 Sep 1925, age 73 years.   Died while visiting here.



9. Eleanor Speedy . Daughter of Thomas Speedy & Isabella Patterson. Born 7 Aug 1850 in Harvey Station. Christen 12 Oct 1850 in St. Paul's Church Records, Fredericton. Died 5 Apr 1878 in Harvey Station. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    Gravestone in Harvey Settlement Cemetery, died 5 Apr 1878, aged 27 yr. and __ mo.


10. Mary Speedy . Daughter of Thomas Speedy & Isabella Patterson. Born 1 May 1853 in Harvey. Christen in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 1 Aug 1902 in St. Stephen. Religion Presbyterian.


    Baptism date not given.


    Mary, age 27, is listed in the 1881 Census for Manners Sutton, living with her parents Thomas and Isabella Speedy, but not listed in the 1891 Census.   From the St. Croix   Courier, 14 Aug, 1902,-- Mary Speedy died 1 Aug 1902, in St. Stephen.