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Descendents of George Brown (Apr 1836 - 23 Dec 1898)
and Alice Eleanor Messer (18 Feb 1841 - 25 Nov 1928)

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Data last updated: 30 Oct 2007

First Immigrant Generation

1. George W. Brown . Born Apr 1836, Brighthampton, Oxfordshire. Son of Thomas Brown and Sophia Hissey. Christened 24 Mar 1837, Shifford Parish Church (Church of England). Died 23 Dec 1898 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


    George W. Brown was born in Brighthampton, Oxfordshire, England, came to Harvey Settlement in the 1850s. This community is contiguous with Standlake to the immediate east where family lore indicates that he migrated from (listed as "Standlic* near Burford" in Maxwell and Brown, 1999).


George received land grant #75, which was 100 acres in the York Mills area, on what was then called the Grieve road (later Murray Road) for the Grieve family that lived where the road ended near the Magaguadavic River. The road was quite primitive initially suitable only for oxen. With perseverence and hard work George cleared the land and built a primitive home where he and his family lived until he could built a comfortable frame house.


There were three other farms adjoining the Brown farm belonging to Alfred Thomas, Joseph Gass and John Reynolds.   These three eventually moved to other areas, selling their farms to the Browns.

    George and Alice had twelve children.


    More Information on this family is in a book compiled by the late George Maxwell and the late Ida Brown Swan, "George Walter Brown and Alice Eleanor Messer and Descendants, 1834-1999 although the birth date listed for George Brown of Apr 1834 and the small amount of information on the pre-emigration life of George Brown in Oxfordshire is inaccurate.


    He married Alice Eleanor Messer, daughter of William Messer & Alice (Or Alison) Brown, 8 Nov 1859 in Harvey, York Co., NB . Born 18 Feb 1841 in Harvey. Christen 13 Mar 1842 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 25 Nov 1928 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


     Baptised by Rev. Daniel McCurdy, in Harvey on 13 Mar 1842, name Alison Eleanor.

    From York Co NB Marriage Register C 1850-1866 (PANB):   Witnesses to marriage were Thomas Messer and Jane Atkinson.


1861 census stated the following:

George Brown m. head of family age 25, English, farmer, Presbyterian.

Alice Eleanor f. wife, age 20, native.

William m. son, age 1, native.

Lot No 75 – No of hands employed 1 male, 1 female. Acres of land owned or occupied 18 improved. Cash value of farm 40 pounds. value of machinery and implements 1 pound, 1 milch cow, 2 working oxen, 2 sheep, 4 swine, 400 lb. of pork slaughtered, 100 lb. butter, 8 lb. wool, 120 bu. oats – 5 acres, 35 bu buckwheat – 1 1/2 acres, 8 bu. timother, 120 bu. potatoes – 1 acre.


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2329 X 3432, 600 dpi, 2706 k

Undated sepia photographic portraits of George Walter Brown and his wife Alice Eleanor Messer. These photographs are interesting in that the crayon composite portrait of this couple below is based on these photographs. It is not known whether the composite was created at the same time as these photographs or at a later date. Source: Carol Brown, April 14, 2007.

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Undated large format colorized crayon photographic portrait of George Walter Brown and wife Alice Eleanor Messer. Image on left was rephotographed in black and white in 1984 by Tim Patterson when the image was in the collection of Hazen Patterson of Tweedside. Image had suffered water damage. Image on right was scanned in October 2006 from one of the facscimile prints made in 1984 and the water damage was digitally repaired. The originale image has now gone into the collection of another family. When it can be found and rephotographed a color version will be included here.


      Copied from newspaper obituary (1928):

      Mrs Alice Brown

    York Mills, NB, Dec 3--The community was saddened by the death of Alice, wife of the late Geo Brown, which occurred Sunday, November 25, at the age of 88 years.

    Deceased was one of the oldest residents of Harvey and had been in failing health for some time past.   She has left a place in the hearts of her children which can never be filled, being a most devoted mother to all.

    She is survived by three daughters and five sons:   Mrs Patterson, Tweedside; Mrs Marshall Gass, York Mills; Mrs Simpson Burrell, Millinocket, Me.; Thomas, York Mills; Charles, Harvey; Walter, Boston; Sterling, at home; and Stephen, Vancouver, BC; also 36 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren.

    All her children except Stephen, of British Columbia, were present at her funeral, which took place Tuesday, November 27, Rev. H. McLean officiating.

    They had the following children:

  2   i.   William Brown

  3   ii.   Sarah Ann "Annie" Brown

  4   iii.   Thomas Messer Brown

  5   iv.   Elizabeth "Lizzie" Brown

  6   v.   Charles Lister Brown

  7   vi.   Alice "Ellen" Brown

  8   vii.   Henry Brown

  9   viii.   Walter Brown

  10   ix.   Henry Brown

  11   x.   George "Sterling" Brown

  12   xi.   Stephen Brown

  13   xii.   Ida Isabelle Brown


*In discussions with local people in the Brighthampton-Standlake area in the summer of 2007 it was noted that the general pronunciation in the area was close to 'Standlic' suggesting that scribing of oral history resulted in the mispelling.