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Descendents of Thomas Piercy (ca 1760 - unknown)
and Elizabeth Unknown (unknown)

Generation 4
43. James "Jim" Coburn. Son of George Cockburn (Coburn) & Mary Piercy. Born 29 Jul 1846 in Harvey. Christen 22 Aug 1847 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 5 Feb 1928 in Harvey Sta. . Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farming, Lumbering, And General Store. Religion Presbyterian.

From Daily Telegraph, Saint John, 18 May 1871: "Married by Rev Samuel Johnson, at his residence, 12th inst., James Cockburn and Miss Elizabeth Swan, all of Harvey."
Witnesses to marriage were John Swan and Elizabeth A. Cockburn.

(The spelling "Cockburn" was used until approximately 1877, then changed to "Coburn".)

Copied from newspaper obituary - 1928:
Harvey Man Died At Age Of 80 Years
Harvey Station, Feb 14 -- The death of James Coburn, of Harvey, occurred Feb. 5, at the home of his son, Alexander. Deceased had been ill but a short time. Although 80 years of age he had retained the use of his faculties to a remarkable degree. He was a lifelong Presbyterian. He had been prominent in business life also. Besides farming and lumbering, he founded the business firm of James Coburn and Son, the latter of late years being conducted by the son, G. Wesley Coburn. By his first marriage there survive the following children: Walter, Wesley, Alexander, Wilbert, Edgar, Robert and Roy, Mrs Arnold Little, Mrs Pembroke Little and Mrs Hazen Patterson, all belonging to Harvey with the exception of Edgar, who lives at McAdam. Deceased's second wife predeceased him by only seven months. After prayer at the house, the funeral services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. George E. Knight. Interment was in the Harvey Cemetery, six of the deceased's sons being the pallbearers.

After the death of his first wife, Elizabeth, Jim married her sister, Sarah Jane Swan Briggs.
He first married Elizabeth H. "Bessie" Swan, daughter of James Swan & Jane Moody, 12 May 1871 in Harvey Sta., NB By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born 22 May 1854 in Harvey, York Co, NB. Died 9 Jul 1913 in Harvey Sta. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

Copied from newspaper obituary - 1913:
Mrs James Coburn
Harvey Station, N.B., July 12 -- Elizabeth Coburn, wife of James Coburn, of Manners Sutton, died at her home there yesterday morning after a long illness. She was a daughter of James Swan, one of the pioneers of Harvey. Deceased was a lady of very amiable disposition and was held in high esteem throughout the community and her death is deeply regretted. She is survived by her husband, seven sons and three daughters. The sons are Walter, G. Wesley, Wilbert, Alexander, Robert and Roy, residing here and Edgar Coburn, of McAdam. Her daughters are Mrs Arnold Little, of Coburn, Mrs Pembroke Little of Montreal, and Miss Pearle Coburn at home, all of whom were present when she died. She is also survived by three brothers and one sister. They are Henry Swan and Alex H. Swan, of Manners Sutton, James Swan, of Princeton, Maine, and Mrs Sarah J. Briggs, of Coburn.

The funeral took place yesterday afternoon and was one of the largest ever seen here. Rev. M. J. Macperson conducted the service.

Died at age 59 yr. 2 mo. 18 days.

They had the following children:
227 i. Walter Henderson Coburn
228 ii. George Wesley "Wes" Coburn
229 iii. James Alexander "Sandy" Coburn
230 iv. Thomas Wilbert "Wil" Coburn (Twin)
231 v. Henry Edgar "Ed" Coburn (Twin)
232 vi. Minnie Gertrude J. Coburn
233 vii. Robert Coburn
234 viii. Mary "Lottie" Coburn
235 ix. Charles "Roy" Coburn
236 x. Sarah "Zilla" Coburn
237 xi. Elizabeth Etta "Pearle" Coburn

He second married Sarah Jane "Janie" Swan, daughter of James Swan & Jane Moody, 25 May 1915 in York Co., NB . Born 1 Feb 1859 in Harvey Settlement, York Co, NB. Christen 3 Apr 1859 in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Died 8 Jul 1927 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

Ref: Jocelean Swan Hall and Margaret Swan Crozier, "The Swan Family", 1980, p. 41.

Copied from newspaper obituary - 1927:
Mrs Jas Coburn Has Passed Away
Harvey Station, July 14 -- The death of Mrs James Coburn of Manners Sutton occurred on July 8 at the age of 69 years. Deceased had suffered slightly from paralysis some time ago, and she took a last stroke on Sunday afternoon, July 3, shortly after having attended church.

Deceased was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs James Swan, natives of England, who came to Harvey about 80 years ago, when the settlement was in its infancy. She was twice married. By her first husband, the late Thomas Briggs, she leaves four sons and two daughters. The sons are Matthew and John, of York Mills; Charles of Manners Sutton, and Allen of York Mills. The daughters are Margaret, Mrs LeBaron Little, and Lottie, Mrs Harry Swan, both of Harvey Station. Her second husband also survives and the following stepchildren: Walter, Wesley and Alexander Coburn of Manners Sutton; Edward (sic)Coburn, McAdam; William (sic), Robert and Roy Coburn, Manners Sutton; Lottie, Mrs Pembroke Little, Manners Sutton; Zilla, Mrs Arnold Little, of Coburn, and Pearl, Mrs Hazen Patterson, of Tweedside. Two brothers, Henry and Alexander Swan are also left to mourn.

The funeral was held in the Harvey Presbyterian church on Sunday, July 10, a very large number attending.

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