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Descendents of George Embleton (1776 - 1833)
and Margaret Davidson (1782 - 1836)

Second Immigrant Generation

63. William Robert Embleton . Son of Robert Embleton & Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilson. Born 14 Feb 1852 in Harvey. Died 11 Apr 1922 in San Diego, Calif. Occupation Rancher In Montana.

    William moved to Fort Benton, Montana in 1881, and as soon as he got settled, his wife and two children moved to Montana.   They had twelve children, ten born in Fort Benton.   They adopted three children, and raised William's nephew, Roy Embleton, who was the son of William's brother Robert.   William was a rancher.   They moved to San Diego, California in 1917, where both William and Agnes died in 1922.

    From Daily Telegraph, 19 Apr 1878:    "Married manse of St. Paul's, Fredericton, 16th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, William R. Embleton and Miss Agnes M. Nesbitt, both of Manners Sutton, York Co."

    Witnesses to marriage were Frank F. Scott and Eliza Greer.

    Copied from "Progressive Men Of Montana", on pages 1667, 1668:

    William R. Embleton -- A native of County York, New Brunswick, Canada, and born on February 14, 1852, Mr Embleton is the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Wilson) Embleton, both natives of England, who emigrated from their native country in early life to Frederickton, New Brunswick, where the father engaged in the occupation of farming, and where William attained manhood in County York, receiving his early education in the schools of Frederickton, but being able to attend only during the winters, as he was obliged to assist his father in the work of the farm.   He continued on the farm, assisting in the labors and the management of the property until he was twenty-eight years old.   Leaving the land of his nativity in 1880 he went to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and obtained a position with a government surveying party engaged in making surveys west of Winnipeg for the Canadian government, and remained in that employment during the succeeding summer.   In the fall, however, he went to Fort Walsh, Canada, and in the winter of 1880 and 1881, from Fort Walsh he came to Fort Benton by means of a dog team over the snow, this being the only means of transportation.   In 1881 he purchased the right of a squatter to the land where his ranch is located, and entered upon a successful life of ranching and stockgrowing.   Mr Embleton was united in marriage in County York, NB, to Miss Agnes Nesbit, a native of that country and the daughter of George Nesbit, who was a native of England, and who had established his home in early life in New Brunswick.   Upon founding his new home in Choteau county, Mr Embleton sent for his wife and two children, who had remained at their home in New Brunswick, and they came to Bismarck by   rail and then by steamer up the Missouri.   They were met at Cow island by Mr Embleton, and the remainder of the journey was made by team.   Mr Embleton is counted as one of the substantial business men of his section of the county, and the family is highly respected.   He is a stanch member of the Republican party, a loyal supporter of its principles, although he has never desired public office.

    He married Agnes Miller Nesbitt, daughter of George Nesbitt & Matilda Campbell, 16 Apr 1878 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By Rev. John M. Brooke. Born 28 Dec 1860 in Harvey. Died 17 Feb 1922 in San Diego, Calif.

    They had the following children:

  254   i.   Gilbert R. Embleton

  255   ii.   Lucy Embleton

  256   iii.   Charles Thomas Embleton

  257   iv.   George Franklin Embleton

  258   v.   Mary Elizabeth Embleton

  259   vi.   Harvey Embleton

  260   vii.   Alice Camilla Embleton

  261   viii.   (Infant) Embleton

  262   ix.   Eva Mildred Embleton

  263   x.   Howard Ashby Embleton

  264   xi.   (Infant) Embleton

  265   xii.   William Gordon Embleton