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Descendents of Thomas Herbert (1798 - 24 Feb 1862)
and Isabella Embleton (1804 - 16 Feb 1892)

Second Immigrant Generation

3. Isabella "Belle" Herbert . Daughter of Thomas Herbert & Isabel Embleton. Born 1827 in Eng. Died 21 Apr 1902 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

       Copied from a notebook kept by Ellie L. Skene, McAdam:

    An account of Harvey early, early settlers, told to me by Mrs James Little, Sr., York Mills.   She said in the early days she and one of her sisters used to carry butter and eggs to Fredericton 25 miles from their home to exchange for groceries, etc.   They would start early in the morning run all the way there and back until they came to a hill which they walked up, in order to get home before dark as they were so afraid of wolves which were at that time.   Fifty miles over poor roads was a very long walk for one day.   She also said her father, Thomas Herbert, had the first window in his cabin, which was a big event.   He cut the frame with his jack knife and got the two or three panes of glass in Fredericton.

    Some of the farmers had to dig their potatoes up after planting for food.   How very much we owe these brave uncomplaining first settlers in Harvey who worked so hard under such difficulties and made it so much easier for us, their descendants.

                                    -- Ellie L. Skene, McAdam, 5 Nov 1959.

    She married James Little, son of John Little & Janet Heughan, 20 Apr 1846 in Harvey Settlement By Daniel McCurdy, Presbyterian . Born 1814 in Dumfries, Scotland. Died 11 Feb 1890 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer/Miller.

    From York Co NB Marriage Register B 1837-1850 (PANB):   Witnesses to marriage were William Embleton and Thomas Herbert.

    James and Belle first settled on Lot B, third tier, in Coburn, and later moved to York Mills.    The 1861 Census shows James as 47 years old, farmer/miller, and Presbyterian.   Isabella was 34 years of age, and they had eight children ranging in age from 13 years to 4 months.   James Nesbit, age 19, cousin, miller, was living in their household.   They owned or occupied 70 acres improved land and 80 acres unimproved land.   Cash value of farm was 500 pounds, value of implements and machinery was 20 pounds.   They had 3 horses, 4 milch cows, 4 working oxen, 4 other neat cattle, 12 sheep, 6 swine, and slaughtered 400 lb. pork.   They produced 100 lb. butter, 48 lb. wool, 20 tons hay, 15 bu. wheat, 300 bu. oats, 2 bu. timothy and 60 bu. potatoes.

    James acquired quite a lot of land.   Listed are the Land Grants which he received:   Lot B, third tier, 100 acres 1842/01/17; W of 50 Little Sett, 50 acres 1858/02/05; 49 on NE Br Magaguadavic R. 50 acres 1862/08/21; 171 Block 31, 200 acres 1867/12/09; and on NE Magaguadavic R. Blk 31, 50 acres 1868/08/21.   There were many other land transactions which are not listed here.

    James and Belle had ten children, and raised a foster daughter, Fanny Grass, who was born circa 1880, and was known as Fanny Little.   (Fanny married John Parker of Magundy on 6 Jun 1906.)

    For further information on this family refer to "The Little Family of Harvey Settlement 1786-1992" compiled by Janet Swan Watson, Brenda Saunders Swan and Jocelean Swan Hall.   A write-up on the "History of Upper Mills" written by Clarence Little, March 1974 is included in the Little book.

    They had the following children:

  20   i.   John Little

  21   ii.   Isabella Little

  22   iii.   Janet Little

  23   iv.   Margaret Little

  24   v.   Thomas "Herbert" Little

  25   vi.   James Lewis Little (Twin)

  26   vii.   Robert Archibald Little (Twin)

  27   viii.   Frederick Little

  28   ix.   George Marshall Little

  29   x.   J. Alfred Little

4. Robert Herbert . Son of Thomas Herbert & Isabel Embleton. Born Approx 1830 in Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng. Died 4 Jan 1911 in St. Kilda, Australia. Buried in Bright Cemetery.

    Robert, at age 20 years, sailed from New York, USA aboard the ship "Revenue", and arrived in Melbourne, Australia 16th Oct 1852.   Also on the same ship were James Nesbit, age 29 years, farmer, and his wife Isabella Craig, age 29 years.   It is believed that when he arrived in Australia, Robert went to the Ovens District (N.E. Victoria) looking for gold, but didn't have much luck.   He became a teacher in the Beechworth area and married one of his pupils who had nursed him when he was very ill.   He and his family later moved to Melborne where he went into business as a timber and wood merchant (firewood, coke, coal, etc.) at St. Kilda, Melbourne.

    His daughters were well know   teachers, and they are buried with Robert and his wife.   Another daughter is buried nearby.

    This family's history has been researched by Ian Herbert, a descendant of Robert's son Charles Goldfinch Herbert.

    He married Emma Goldfinch, daughter of John Goldfinch & Emma Ing, 13 Mar 1862 in Morses Creek,   Australia. Born 11 May 1845 in London, England. Died 1923 in St. Kilda, Australia.

    Emma was married at the home of her parents, John Goldfinch and Emma Ing, at Morses Creek.   This settlement became the township of Bright.

    They had the following children:

  30   i.   Thomas John Herbert

  31   ii.   William George Herbert

  32   iii.   Emma Jane Herbert

  33   iv.   Isabel Margaret Herbert

  34   v.   Alice Mary Herbert

  35   vi.   James Robert Herbert

  36   vii.   Martha Elizabeth Herbert

  37   viii.   Marshall Embleton "Marsh" Herbert

  38   ix.   Charles Goldfinch Herbert

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