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Descendents of John Cockburn (1783 - 15 Jun 1858)
and Elizabeth "Betsy" Leslie (1788 - 11 Apr 1869)

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First Immigrant Generation

1. John Cockburn (Coburn) . Born 1783 in Coldstream, Roxburghshire Co., Scot. Died 15 Jun 1858 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.

   The spelling of "Cockburn" was changed to "Coburn" in the 1870s.

    John Cockburn and his wife Elizabeth Lesley and nine children ranging in age from 3 years to 22 years, left Berwick-upon-Tweed on 28 May 1837 on the Brig Cornelius of Sunderland, and arrived in Saint John, NB, 12 Jul 1937.   They travelled to Fredericton on the steamer, Water Witch.   They received Land Grant Lot #8w, 100 acres, in Harvey Settlement, and were among the first settlers of Harvey.

    According to oral history handed down through the generations, two daughters, Margaret and Dorothy, stayed in England when the rest of the family came to Canada.   Margaret's birth was found in the IGI, but Dorothy's birth date was not found.   According to Elizabeth's obituary she was the mother of 11 children, and from our records just nine came to NB.

    The Cockburns had a small inn, which was the stagecoach stop.   In the book, "Notes on North America, Agricultural, Economical and Social" by James F. W. Johnston, Vol II, published by William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London in 1851, on page 170, Dr. Johnston makes reference to having stayed at the Inn on a visit to the Harvey Settlement area in 1848:   "I stayed over night at this settlement, in a comfortable little inn kept by a Mr. Cockburn, who had several sons grown up, all of whom but one had already left him, and settled on farms of their own."

    Inscription on gravestone in Harvey Settlement Cemetery:   "In Memory of John Cockburn Died 15th June 1858 Aged 73 years.   Native of Coldstream, County of Roxburghshire, Scotland."

    He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Lesley, 26 May 1806 in Eccles, Berwick Co., Scotland. Born 1788 in Eng. Died 11 Apr 1869 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    From Morning Telegraph, 20 Apr 1869:

    Died Harvey Settlement, 11th ult., Elizabeth relict of John Cockburn, age 81, left 11 children, 86 grandchildren and a number of great grandchildren.

    They had the following children:

  2   i.   Margaret Cockburn (Coburn)

  3   ii.   John Cockburn (Coburn)

  4   iii.   Dorothy Cockburn (Coburn)

  5   iv.   Isabella Cockburn (Coburn)

  6   v.   James Cockburn (Coburn)

  7   vi.   George Cockburn (Coburn)

  8   vii.   Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn)

  9   viii.   William Cockburn (Coburn)

  10   ix.   Charlotte Cockburn (Coburn)

  11   x.   Andrew Wood Cockburn (Coburn)

  12   xi.   Thomas Cockburn (Coburn)

  13   xii.   Ralph Cockburn (Coburn)