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Descendents of John Cockburn (1783 - 15 Jun 1858)
and Elizabeth "Betsy" Leslie (1788 - 11 Apr 1869)

Third Immigrant Generation

33. Thomas James Robison . Son of William Robison & Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn). Born 2 Jun 1852 in Harvey. Died Approx 1871 in Spokane, Wash.

34. Stephen Robison . Son of William Robison & Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn). Born 9 Dec 1854 in Harvey. Died 25 Dec 1924 in Proctor, BC.

    From Weekly Telegraph, 24 Mar 1880:   "Married Fredericton 17th inst., by Rev..A. J. Mowatt, Stephen Robinson and Miss Mary J. Little, both of Manners Sutton, York Co."

    Witnesses to marriage were Thomas Wilson and Elizabeth Little.

     Stephen and Mary Jane lived on the farm first granted to William Robison, Lot 11, second tier, in the rear settlement (later known as the Irvine Embleton farm).   Mary Jane's father, John Litle was ill and Mary Jane was on her way to help when her carriage overturned, and she had a miscarriage and died shortly after.   (Her father died three days prior to Mary Jane's death.)   Stephen eventually went to British Columbia.   They had seven children.   (See the book, "The Little Family of Harvey Settlement, 1786-1992.)

    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1924:

    Died in British Columbia

    Word has been received here of the death at Proctor, BC, on Christmas Day, of Stephen Robison, formerly of Harvey, NB, aged seventy years.   For the past eighteen years he had been a resident of Nelson, Proctor and district and died at the home of his daughter, Mrs J. Sewell, Proctor.   He was born at Harvey and is survived by four daughters and two sons, Mrs J. Sewell of Proctor; Mrs William Johnson, of Fernie, BC; Mrs E. Burnham of Long Beach, Cal., Mrs W. Pound and Harry Robison, of Millinocket, Me., and John C. Robison, of Nelson.   Many old friends will regret to learn of Mr Robison's death.

    Died Nelson District, BC.    Reg. # 1924-09-342984, BCArchives Microfilm # B13125, GSU Microfilm # 1927302.

    He married Mary Jane Little, daughter of John Little & Cherry Jane Embleton, 17 Mar 1880 in Fredericton, York Co., NB By Rev. A. J. Mowatt, Presbyterian. Born 10 Sep 1859 in Harvey. Died 19 Feb 1893 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


They had the following children:

  152   i.   Jane Victoria Robison

  153   ii.   Elizabeth Edna Robison

  154   iii.   John Clarence Robison

  155   iv.   Amelia Janet "Amy" Robison

  156   v.   Harry Cecil Robison

  157   vi.   Ethel Mary Robison

  158   vii.   Kathryn Robison

35. Elizabeth Robison . Daughter of William Robison & Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn). Born 9 Sep 1856 in Harvey.

    Elizabeth had three sons and two daughters.   No further information available.

    She married Mr March.

36. William Robison II . Son of William Robison & Elizabeth Cockburn (Coburn). Born 10 Jun 1859 in Harvey.

    William lived in Pennsylvania.   His wife, Cassie Ball, was twin sister of Hattie (wife of John).   They had one son, John Robison.

    He married Cassie Ball.

37. Margaret Jane Coburn . Daughter of William Cockburn (Coburn) & Jane Robison. Born 9 Mar 1845 in Harvey. Christen 22 Jun 1845 in St. Paul's Church Records, Fredericton. Died 29 Jan 1930 in Vancouver. BC. Buried in Nanaimo Cemetery, BC.

    Witnesses to marriage were John F. Cockburn and Femaline Gartley.

    Margaret died in Vancouver 29 Jan 1930, at age 84 years. (BCArchives #13139.   GSU #1952854.)

    Obituary from newspaper - 1930:

    Late Mrs Gartley, 58 Years in BC.   Resided on Vancouver Island 23 Years, Returning to Vancouver in 1905.

    Nearly fifty-eight years ago when settlement started on the south shore of Burrard Inlet and the little town of Moodyville was in its heyday, Mrs George Gartley, a bride from Fredericton, NB, arrived with her husband.   Her death on Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs T. Tellefsen, 1745 East First, marks the passing of one of the foremost links with the history of the province and the termination of a career which has witnessed the transformation of a few scattered settlements to the dignity of a province.

    Mrs Gartley was well-known on Vancouver Island, where she resided a number of years, as well as in Vancouver where she had made her home for the past twenty-five years.   She was long active in circles of the Presbyterian Church.

    One of a family of fifteen, she was born at Fredericton.   In her home town she married George Gartley and the young couple were soon attracted to the West and arrived at Moodyville in 1872.

    Here Mr Gartley established a logging business and supplied logs to the Moodyville sawmill.   After several years in the mill town they moved to Vancouver Island and took up residence on a promontory near Comox, later known as Gartley's Point.   The next twenty-three years were spent on the Island and it was here that Mrs Gartley witnessed and participated in the privations and hardships of pioneers.   Her trip to Vancouver Island was made in a rowboat.

    About 1905 she came to Vancouver with her husband.

    Mrs Gartley is survived by Mrs Tellefsen and two other daughters, Mrs William Dornberg, Mrs Douglas Grant, both of Vancouver, and five sons, Albert, Ernest, Byron, Howard and Nelson.   Numerous grandchildren also survive.   Mr Gartley died twelve years ago.

    The funeral was held at 3 p.m. from Harron Bros. & Williamson's chapel and burial was in the family plot at Nanaimo Cemetery, Nanaimo.

    She married George Gartley, son of John Gartley & Mary Sanderson, 11 Jul 1871 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By John M. Brooke . Born 1842 in Magaguadavic, NB. Died 14 Aug 1917 in Vancouver, BC. Buried in Nanaimo Cemetery, BC.

     George and his wife Margaret and their first child moved to British Columbia in 1872, and first lived in Vancouver, then moved to Royston on Vancouver Island.   After a few years, they moved and   made their home in Nanaimo, BC.   In the early 1900's,   George and Margaret moved to Vancouver.

   ( A story told by family relatives is that "there is a picture of George Gartley hanging in the B.C. Legislative Building as he travelled to BC from NB in a covered wagon".   Unable to confirm.)

    From son Ernest Gartley's obituary (1943):

    "Ernest Gartley, 71, pioneer of BC and member of the Salvation Army, died at his home at 238 East Sixth.   Born at Harvey Station, York County, NB, he came to Victoria by way of San Francisco in 1872 with his parents and finally settled in Moodyville, where his father was employed as spar-hewer and bull-puncher.

    "Mr Gartley (his father), to be able to realize his ambition to be a farmer, was given 100 acres of land in Vancouver by Mr Moody.   However, he considered the land too stumpy for cultivation, and he returned the deed.   The center of the 100 acres is now the site of the Vancouver Courthouse.

    "Mr Gartley and his family moved shortly afterward and settled at Comox, at a place known as Gartley Point, and were at one time threatened with revolt and massacre by the 5000 Indians living there."


    There is a picture of the George Gartley family, Nanaimo, taken in 1908, in which there are eleven people--seven males and four females.

    George died in Vancouver at age 75 years, 14 Aug 1917. (BCArchives # B13102.   GSU # 1927130.)

    They had the following children:

  159   i.   Ernest Lesley Gartley

  160   ii.   Byron Crawford "Barney" Gartley

  161   iii.   Femaline Gartley

  162   iv.   Albert George Gartley

  163   v.   John Gartley

  164   vi.   Walter Gartley

  165   vii.   William Earl Gartley

  166   viii.   Howard Francis Gartley

  167   ix.   Hattie Jessie L. Gartley

  168   x.   Nelson David Gartley

  169   xi.   Teressa Nason "Tessie" Gartley