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Descendents of John Cockburn (1783 - 15 Jun 1858)
and Elizabeth "Betsy" Leslie (1788 - 11 Apr 1869)

Second Immigrant Generation

13. Ralph Cockburn (Coburn) . Son of John Cockburn (Coburn) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Lesley. Born 1834 in Eng. Christen 29 Mar 1834 in Wooler United Associate Tower Hill--NC. Died 28 Mar 1926 in Kamloops, BC.

    From BC Vital Stats:   died 28 Mar 1926, age 93, at Kamloops, BC.

    Ralph came to NB with his parents and siblings in 1837 who were among the pioneer settlers of Harvey Settlement.

    In the 1861 Census for Manners Sutton, Ralph's mother, Elizabeth, age 73, Scotch, was living with Ralph and his wife Emma and two children.   They owned or occupied 60 acres improved land and 153 acres unimproved land; cash value of farm was 250 pounds; value of implements and machinery, 20 pounds.   They had 4 horses, 4 milch cows, 2 working oxen, 6 other neat cattle, 15 sheep, 3 swine, and slaughtered 300 lb. pork.   Produced 300 lb. butter; 30 lb. cheese; 50 lb. wool; 20 tons hay; 300 bu. oats; 50 bu. buckwheat; 100 bu. turnips; and 100 bu. potatoes.

   Ralph and his wife Emma Elkington with many of their children, moved from NB between 1881 and 1891(they are listed in 1881 Census, but not in the 1891 Census.)

    From notes written by Barbara Kaye, Nov 1999:   "Ralph and Emma Coburn left Harvey for Manitoba in 1886 approximately.   Their second and third daughters were married and remained in NB.   Ralph and Emma separated in about 1890.   Ralph went to the Yukon where he found enough gold to make his wife a ring.   Ralph and his daughter Ella revisited Harvey and after their return to Manitoba, Ralph moved to British Columbia late in the 1890s or early 1900s.   He died in Kamloops, BC 28 Mar 1926 at the age of 93.   According to his death certificate he had lived in BC for 28 years.   Emma died in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 1932."

    (Information on the members of this family who moved from Harvey was provided by Barbara Kaye, 1043 Canyon Boulevard, North Vancouver, BC   V7R 2K3, in a letter to Dr. W. L. Randall 8 Nov 1999.)

    He married Emma Elkington, daughter of William Elkington & Susannah "Susan" Martin, 7 Oct 1857 in Harvey By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born 19 Mar 1841 in England. Died 1932 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

    From York Co NB Marriage Register C 1850-1866 (PANB):   Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas Nesbit and Andrew Cockburn.

    They had the following children:

  74   i.   Susanna Martin "Susan" Coburn

  75   ii.   Elizabeth Lesley "Lizzie" Coburn

  76   iii.   Emily Coburn

  77   iv.   George Albert Coburn

  78   v.   Tressa Coburn

  79   vi.   Frederick Roy Coburn

  80   vii.   Thomas "Wesley" Coburn

  81   viii.   Annie Selena Coburn

  82   ix.   Ella Amanda Coburn

  83   x.   Lottie May Coburn

  84   xi.   Carrie Astilia Coburn