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Descendents of John Cockburn (1783 - 15 Jun 1858)
and Elizabeth "Betsy" Leslie (1788 - 11 Apr 1869)

Third Immigrant Generation

46. Margery Hannah Coburn . Daughter of William Cockburn (Coburn) & Jane Robison. Born 12 Dec 1863 in Harvey. Died 3 Dec 1905 in Boston, Mass.

47. James Andrew Coburn . Son of William Cockburn (Coburn) & Jane Robison. Born 21 Jan 1865 in Harvey. Died 4 May 1951 in Comox, BC.

    James Andrew Coburn lived in Vancouver, B.C. in 1928.

    Information on James, his wife Maria, and three daughters taken from 1901 Census, Vancouver Island, Courtenay area.   Death date from BC Vital Stats.

    He married Maria Ann Ford, 3 Jan 1896 in Comox District, BC. Born 26 Dec 1872 in BC. Died 25 Jun 1948 in Comox, BC.

    They had the following children:

  204   i.   Tressa Coburn

  205   ii.   May (Or Mary?) Coburn

  206   iii.   Emily Coburn

48. Mary Ann Piercy Coburn . Daughter of William Cockburn (Coburn) & Jane Robison. Born 20 Jan 1867 in Harvey.

    Mary Ann Piercy Coburn lived in Nanaimo.   May have married several times.   No further information.


   From newspaper clipping - 1931:

   Nanaimo Family Trice Bereaved in Few Months

   Nanaimo, Feb 1:   When Mrs T. L. Wilson of Nanaimo was notified last evening of the death of her brother, Mr G. Coburn of Vancouver, the remains of a sister, the late M. J. Gartley, who death occurred in Vancouver, were being taken off the evening boat for interment in Nanaimo Cemetery.

   This makes the third death in the family, another brother, Steve Coburn, having died several months ago.   They are members of a well-known old-time family of Nanaimo.


    She married Thomas L. Wilson. Born in Nanaimo.


49. David Walter Coburn . Son of William Cockburn (Coburn) & Jane Robison. Born 16 Oct 1869 in Harvey. Died 2 Jul 1877 in Harvey.


50. Joseph Lewis Coburn . Son of William Cockburn (Coburn) & Jane Robison. Born 16 May 1871 in Harvey. Died 13 Apr 1873 in Harvey.


51. William Venables Pass . Son of William Pass & Charlotte Cockburn (Coburn). Born 23 May 1850 in Harvey (Acton). Christen 18 Aug 1850 in St. Paul's Church Records.

    Witnesses to marriage were H. Davis and Margaret McKenzie.

    No further information on William.   His wife Mrs Frances E. (McConaghy) Pass married William M. Graham in Eureka, CA (no date).

    He married Frances Elizabeth McConaghy, 5 Mar 1874 in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Fredericton By Rev. John M. Born in Prince William, York Co., NB.

    In marriage records, name is spelled "McConnacher".


    From NBGS "Generations", Issue 48, June 1991:

    "N.B. natives in Humboldt County, California, 1800's

    Graham, William M., b. 14 June 1860 on St. John river at Magaguadavic Co., N.B., son of James Graham; m. in Eureka, CA, Mrs Frances E. (McConaghy) Pass, b. in Prince William, York Co., N.B."