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Descendents of John Cockburn (1783 - 15 Jun 1858)
and Elizabeth "Betsy" Leslie (1788 - 11 Apr 1869)

Second Immigrant Generation

9. William Cockburn (Coburn) . Son of John Cockburn (Coburn) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Lesley. Born 1822 in England. Christen 1822 in Norham. Died 8 Sep 1893 in Nanaimo, BC.

   William came to NB with his parents and siblings in 1837 and was among the pioneer settlers of Harvey Settlement.

    From New Brunswick Courier, 18 May 1844:   "Married Fredericton 9th inst., by Rev. J. M. Brooke, William Cockburn and Miss Jane Robinson both of Kingsclear."

    From York Co NB Marriage Register B 1837-1850 (PANB):   Witnesses to marriage were James Cockburn and Robert Fulton.

    The 1861 Census for Manners Sutton showed that they owned or occupied 20 acres improved land, and 80 acres unimproved land.   Cash value of farm was 80 pounds, value of implements and machinery, 2 pounds.   They had 1 horse, 1 milch cow, 2 working oxen, 1 other neat cattle, 5 sheep, 1 swine, and slaughtered 200 lb. pork.   Produced 20 lb. wool; 7 tons hay; 90 bu. oats; 50 bu. buckwheat; 4 bul timothy; 50 bu. turnips; and 80 bu. potatoes.

   Many of this family moved to British Columbia, and William and his wife Jane Robison both died in BC.

    From notes written by the late Mary Coburn there may have been a son named Harry in this family, who died young, but no record of his birth or death has been found.

    He married Jane Robison, daughter of Marshall Robison I & Jane Dickson, 18 May 1844 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By Dr. John M. Brooke . Born 1 Jun 1827 in England. Died 27 Nov 1910 in Vancouver, BC. Buried in Nanaimo, BC.

    They had the following children:

  37   i.   Margaret Jane Coburn

  38   ii.   Elizabeth Ann "Bessie" Coburn

  39   iii.   John Lesley Coburn

  40   iv.   Marshall "Mate" Coburn

  41   v.   William Henry Coburn

  42   vi.   Jessie Coburn

  43   vii.   Stephen Robison Coburn

  44   viii.   Isabelle "Belle" Coburn

  45   ix.   George Thomas Coburn

  46   x.   Margery Hannah Coburn

  47   xi.   James Andrew Coburn

  48   xii.   Mary Ann Piercy Coburn

  49   xiii.   David Walter Coburn

  50   xiv.   Joseph Lewis Coburn

10. Charlotte Cockburn (Coburn) . Daughter of John Cockburn (Coburn) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Lesley. Born 7 Apr 1826 in Eng. Died 16 Feb 1905 in Acton. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    Charlotte came to NB with her parents and sibling in 1837 and were among the first settlers of Harvey Settlement.

    She married William Pass, son of William Pass & Hannah, 27 Oct 1849 in Harvey Settlement By Rev. Daniel McCurdy, Presbyterian . Born 17 May 1821 in Eng. Died 14 Mar 1905 in Acton, York Co., NB. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer, Carpenter. Religion Congregationalist.

    William came to NB in 1843 with his parents, William Sr. and Hannah Pass.   He had received training as a carpenter in England before coming to NB.

    From New Brunswick Reporter, Fredericton, 2 Nov 1849:   "Married Harvey Settlement, 27th ult., by Rev. D. McCurdy, William Pass and Miss Charlotte Cockburn."

    PANB   #F15551, p. 465:   "William Pass and Charlotte Cockburn on Oct 27, 1849 by Daniel McCurdy, witnesses Thomas Cockburn and Elizabeth Messer."

    In the 1861 Census, William owned or occupied 60 acres improved land and 240 acres unimproved land; cash value of farm was 150 pounds; cash value of implements and machinery, 10 pounds.   Had 2 horses; 4 milch cows; 7 other neat cattle; 9 sheep; 2 swine; and slaughtered 300 lb. pork.   Produced 300 lb. butter; 26 lb. wool; 12 tons hay; 250 bu. oats; 120 bu. buckwheat; 12 bu. timothy; 300 bu. turnips; and 100 bu. potatoes.

    They had the following children:

  51   i.   William Venables Pass

  52   ii.   John Cockburn "Jack" Pass

  53   iii.   James "Jim" Pass

  54   iv.   Elizabeth Hannah "Lizzie" Pass

  55   v.   Charlotte Pass

  56   vi.   Harriett "Hattie" Pass

  57   vii.   Anne "Annie" Pass