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Descendants of George Cleghorn (b. ca 7 Aug 1768 - bef 1841)
and Jane Dickson (b ca 1783 - after 1851)

Fourth Generation

Entry last updated 25 Apr 2008

10. Alexander H. Wood Sr.
Son of Peter Wood & Janet "Jessie" Cleghorn. Born 19 Jul 1835 in Kelso, Scotland. Died in Boston, MA. Occupation Wholesale Liquor Dealer.
From IGI, Alexander Wood was born 19 Jul 1835.

Alexander is not listed in any of the early Census for the Harvey area, York Co., New Brunswick. Unknown when he came from Scotland, but probably came with his mother Jessie and brother George.

1870 United States Federal Census, Boston Ward 16, Suffolk, Massachusetts; Roll: M593_649: Page 446: Alexander A. Wood, born abt 1835, age 35, birthplace: Scotland; Home in 1870: Boston Ward 16, Suffolk, Massachusetts; White; Male; In the same household: Frances J. Wood, born abt 1844, age 26, birthplace, England, White, Female; and "Not Named Wood", born abt 1870, age 1/12, white, male.

From the 1880 United States Census Household Record, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts--Family History Library Film 1254561, NA Film Nmber T9-0561, Page #38D: Household -- Alexander H. Wood, widowed, age 45, born Scot., occupation - Wholesale Liquor Dealer, Father's birthplace - Scot., Mother's Birthplace - Scot.; Frank L. Wood, son, age 10, born MA, at school, Father's birthplace - Scot., Mother's birthplace - Eng.; Ada B. Wood, dau, age 7, born MA.; Jessie G. Wood, dau, age 5, born MA.; Jessie Wood, Mother, widowed, age 75, born Scot., At Home, Father's birthplace - Scot., Mother's birthplace - Scot.; Maggie Crotty, female, age 26, born Ire., Domestic Servant.

After the death of his wife Frances, there were three more children added to Alexander's family.
Boston, Massachusetts Directory, 1890, Alexander H. Wood, Location 1: 95 Water; Location 2: Savin Hill avenue; Business Name: Wood, Pollard, & Co.

Alexander lived in Boston, Mass., where he owned and operated a liquor store. A copy of his Will, signed 13 Jun 1899, listed his children, and also gave his home address as Savin Hill, Boston, County of Suffolk, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Alexander's Will is copied below:
"I, Alexander H. Wood of Boston, in the County of Suffolk and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and declare this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore at any time made. After the payment of my just debts and funeral charges, I give, devise and bequeath as follows:-

First: I give and bequesth to such sons and daughters of my late brother Peter Wood and of my late brother George Wood as survive me, a legacy of two hundred and fifty (250) dollars each.
Second: I give and bequeath to such servants in my employ at the time of my death as my Executors shall certify have been with me for the term of four years prior to my death, a legacy of One hundred (100) dollars each.

Third: I give and devise to my eldest son, Frederick W. Wood the land and house where he lives, numbered 109 Savin Hill Avenue, Boston, free and discharged of mortgage.
Fourth: I give and bequeath to my seven children the pictures, jewelry, silver, books, wearing apparel, household furniture, horses, carriages, and provisions which I may possess at the time of my decease, to be divided among them in accordance with a memorandum which I shall leave addressed to my executors.

Fifth: I give and bequesth to my children, Frederick W. Wood, Frank L. Wood, Ada B. Wood, Jessie G. Wood, Fanny A. Wood, Antoinette S. J. Wood and Alexander H. Wood the sum of Five thousand (5,000) dollars each, to be paid as soon after my death as my Executors shall find it conveniuent to make such payment, and if any one of my children is a minor at the time of my death, then said sum of Five thousand (5000) dollars in the case of such child is to be paid to the guardians or guardian of said minor, to be used by such guardians or guardian, so far as may be necessary, for the maintenance and support of such child during its minority, and the balance, if any, to be paid to such child upon its reaching the age of twenty-one years.
Sixth: It is my will that all said legacies be paid free from any deduction or tax, and that none of the legacies shall draw interest until after two years from my death.

Seventh: All the rest, residue and remainder of my property, both real and personal, I give, devise and bequesth to the Trustees hereinafter named, and their successors in trust, to divide the same into seven equal shares and to hold said respective shares upon the following trusts and uses:

1. I direct my said Trustees to hold one of said shares in trust, to safely invest the same, and to pay the net income thereof, in whole or in part in their absolute discretion, quarterly, or oftener, to my said son Frederick W. Wood during his life, or to allow the same to accumulate and be added to principle. At the decease of my said son Frederick, I direct my said Trustees to pay over the whole of said trust fund, with any accumulations thereof, discharged of all trusts, to such person or persons as my said son shall by his last will name and appoint; and in default of such appointment to convey the same to the children of my said son in equal shares to each, the issue of any deceased child or children to take the parent's share by right of representation. In the absence of any child or children, or issue of any deceased child or children, then I direct my said Trustees, in the absence of any appointment by said son Frederick, to convey said trust fund, discharged of all trusts, to those persons who, at the time of said son's death would be my heirs at law according to the laws of Massachusetts.

2. (Same as above - son Frank L. Wood.)
3. (Same as above - daughter Ada B. Wood)
4. (Same as above - daughter Jessie G. Wood)
5. (Same as above - daughter Fanny A. Wood)
6. (Same as above - daughter Antoinette S. J. Wood)
7. (Same as above - son Alexander H. Wood)

Eighth: But if any of my said seven children shall die before me, then I give, devise, and bequesth that child's share, to wit, one seventh of the residue of my property, free of all trusts, to the children of such deceased child in equal share to each, the issue of any deceased child to take the parent's share by right of representation.........

Ninth: The several trust share shall be fixed by said Trustees in their absolute discretion, and they may take undivided interests in any property that I may leave in establishing the several trusts, and they may manage said Trusts separately, or together, two or more, as they may see fit.

Tenth: I desire that after my death my homestead at Savin Hill shall remain as a home for such of my children as shall desire to live there, and I therefore empower my Executors and Trustees to allow such children to continue to occupy the said homestead after my death without the payment of rent, each child who lives there contributing its share towards taxes on, and repairs, insurance and maintenance of said house and land, but I give my Executors and Trustees full power to sell said homestead and the land belonging therewith, or any part of said land, whenever they shall deem it wise and expedient so to do.

Eleventh: I hereby appoint Francis Peabody Jr., and Charles S. Rackemann, both of Milton, guardians of such of my children as shall not have reached the age of twenty-one years at my death, such guardianship to continue during the child's minority, and it is my desire that such guardians shall not be required to give a surety or sureties upon their official bonds.
Twelfth: I hereby appoint said Francis Peabody Jr., and said Charles S. Rackemann, Executors of this Will; and said Francis Peabody Jrd., Marshall S. P. Pollard and said Charles S. Rackemann, Turstees under this will, and I request that they be exempt from giving surety or sureties upon their official bonds, whether as Executors or Trustees. I give both to my Executors and Trustees and to the survivor of them respectively as full and absolute discretionary rights and powers as to the sale, mortgage, lease, and any other disposition of any of my property, real or personal, as they or he would have if they or he were the sole and absolute beneficial owners or owner thereof in fee simple, and no purchaser or other person dealting with them in good faith shall be required to see to the application of any moneys.

Thirteenth: I direct that, in addition to the usual compensation heretofore allowed in Massachusetts by way of commission, my Executors, Trustees and Guardians be fully compensated for any extra or unusual service.

Fourteenth: I desire that the number of Executors of, and of Trustees under this will shall not be fewer than two so long as there are any duties to be discharged by said Executors or Turstees; and I declare that the words "my Executors" "my said Executors" and "my Trustees" and "my said Trustees" wherever hereinbefore occurring shall be construed and taken to mean the Executors or Trustees for the time being, whether original or substituted.

In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of June A.D. 1899. Signed - Alexander H. Wood

Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for his last will and testament by the above named Alexander H. Wood, in the presence of us, who at his request, and in his presence, and in the prsence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.
Signed: Sarah S. Dow, William C. Emery, Daniel D. Filbert(?), M.D.

He first married Frances J. Sealy, daughter of John Sealy & Eliza, 8 Sep 1869 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass. Born Approx 1844 in England. Died Before 1880.

From IGI, Frances Sealy, daughter of John and Eliza Sealy, married 8 Sep 1869 Boston,Suffolk, Mass., Alexander H. Wood.

From 1870 United States Federal Census, Frances J. Wood was born abt 1844 in England, was 26 years old, and living in Boston Ward 16, Suffolk, Massachusets.

Died before 1880 Census, Alexander is listed as Widowed. The mother of the children's birthplace is given as England.

Frances perhaps died near the time of the birth of daughter Jessie in 1875. (Interesting to note that Alexander's brother George Wood and his wife Margaret Piercy had a daughter born in 14 Mar 1875 named "Fanny Seeley Wood"; and the next child born to Alexander was named "Frances".)

They had the following children:
31 i. Frederick W. Wood
32 ii. Frank L. Wood
33 iii. Ada B. Wood
34 iv. Jessie G. Wood

He second married (Unknown).
They had the following children:
35 i. Frances A. "Fanny" Wood
36 ii. Antoinette S. J. Wood
37 iii. Alexander H. Wood Jr.